Reviews Review: The Most Secure Crypto Platform in 2020

This article aims to provide a review for people that are looking to use this platform for their crypto-related matters. came out as one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in 2016. Its goal was to increase the accessibility of cryptocurrencies worldwide, and so far, it has done that successfully. Although a lot of crypto exchanges are out there, stands out because it offers its clients more benefits than any of its competitors.

With more people adopting new digital coins, has gone the extra mile to become the most powerful platform that is trusted worldwide. also offers plenty of other crypto-related services and allows its clients to use cryptocurrency more efficiently in real life. A new feature of is Exchange that enables people to make worldwide cryptocurrency transactions with ease. Review – CRO

CRO is the coin that helps the whole platform to function properly. CRO users enjoy additional features like low costs, fast execution, enhanced accessibility to the platform, and more. Review – Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange launched its Exchange in 2019 to improve the accessibility and robustness of the platform.

With the launch of Exchange, has reinforced its position as a top crypto trading platform. Over two million clients use exchange to send and receive digital coins.

The Exchange’s top features include:

Liquidity: This is a global platform with fast execution and advanced Vortex Liquidity System.

Discounts: exchange is one of the few exchanges that offer 100% off on trading fees discount based on volume and CRO staking level.

ISO Certification: The Exchange is also one of the few to achieve ISO Certification with level 1 and level 3 custody and safe management.

Wide support for cryptocurrencies: exchange supports a broad range of cryptocurrencies. Using this platform, you can exchange top coins, including Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, and tokens like CRO, XLM, MCO, etc.

The Syndicate: It is an advanced feature that enables users to purchase crypto coins and tokens at discounted prices. This feature is only available to users with a CRO staking of 10,000 or more in their exchange account. The biggest advantage of Syndicate is that whenever a new crypto asset is listed on the Exchange, the eligible users can buy it at up to 50% discount.

The Exchange is a reliable platform for beginners and those who are already using other products of

Do not forget that the platform is still relatively new and lacks plenty of features. So if you are a demanding client who is used to the likes of Binance and Kraken, then exchange may not be right for you.

You can’t perform leverage trading at this platform. Also, the Exchange lacks fiat pairs, which means the clients have to use USDT to trade against stable assets. The good news is that is aware of all that and says that they’ll be making substantial improvements going forward.



The section of our review contains information about how to make deposits. Normally, you can make deposit to the platform in the following three ways:

Exchange wallet: To make this deposit, you must download and sign in App. The on the home page, follow this order: 

  • Transfer
  • Withdraw
  • Crypto
  • Exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency with instant transfer

The process has no added costs.

External wallet: These are the steps to deposit to external wallet: 

  • Log into app
  • Tap the Balance button at the top corner
  • Pick the cryptocurrency you want to deposit

Copy address or QR code: There are two ways to manage crypto deposits: Copy Address or QR Code. After choosing your preferred option, remember to review the following:

  • Withdrawal information
  • The copy of the deposit address
  • Relevant fees
  • Confirmation details

Once the deposit address has been verified, an email notification will confirm the transaction.

So these were the three methods to deposit crypto assets at The next part of this review will describe withdrawal methods.



Withdrawing crypto assets from the Exchange is the same as the deposits. You’ll need a copy address or QR code of the wallet you want to withdraw from and then verify the transaction.

Similar to other platforms, Withdrawals on come with a fee. These fees are paid in the currency you’re receiving and not in CRO. Review – Safety

So far, there have been no complaints against security. Its security has never been breached, and users express complete satisfaction with the Exchange’s management. is also one of the first platforms to receive ISO 27001:2013 level 1 PCI: DSS and CCSS level 3 compliance certifications. The latter is the highest-ranked certificate in the crypto market.

The App

The App is very much similar in functionality to other crypto apps. It has a smooth UI and it offers support for over 20 fiat currencies and over 50 crypto-assets (coins and tokens).

The app lets you spend your balance via MCO Visa Card as well. Credit/debit card purchases are also available in the app.

If you have people in your circle that use this app, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies to each other without fees.

These are the top features of the app:

  • Wallet: Lets you buy and sell crypto
  • Fiat Wallet: Lets you transfer fiat from your bank to buy crypto
  • MCO Visa Card: Lets you spend your balance
  • Credit: Grants an instant loan for depositing crypto
  • Earn: Lets you earn interest on your crypto assets
  • Rewards: Pays referral bonuses
  • Track: Lets you keep track of crypto prices
  • Pay: Lets you spend crypto anywhere

MCO Visa Card

MCO Visa Card
MCO Visa Card

MCO works wherever VISA works. This card exists in five tiers, each of which is determined by the number of tokens you want to stake for six months.

As you move to the next tier, the range of perks expands as well.

These are a few top perks of MCO Visa Card:

  • Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime rebates
  • Cash back bonuses
  • Unlimited access to airport lounges
  • Private jet partnership
  • Airbnb discounts, and more.

If you stake 50 MCO for six months, you’ll get a ruby steal card and a Spotify premium subscription for free.

Staking 500 MCO for six months will get you unlimited access to airport lounges and a 100% rebate on your Netflix subscription.

5,000 MOC brings you Amazon Prime subscription, airport lounge access for two people, and private access to

And if you can stake 50,000 for six months, you get access to enjoy all the perks mentioned above. Review is an excellent platform for crypto investors. It offers a broad range of features due to which millions of people around the world use it to exchange crypto assets. The registration is simple, as well. The best thing is that you can use the exchange both on desktop and phone. 

The mobile app lets you use it on the go, while the MCO Visa Card carries benefits that will blow your mind. The security is top-notch as well, and no breaches have been reported so far. All in all, is worth your trust.

For more information, please visit Crypto official website. Here you can read about everything that this incredible platform offers.

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