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7 Small Profitable Business Ideas With Low Investment

In this world full of business opportunities, you need to be an opportunist to flourish. In your daily life, you’ll meet a lot of people who are not satisfied with a particular service or product.

Unsatisfactory responses from these people can provide you with a lot of small profitable business ideas with low investment. By offering unique solutions to these people, you can make a name for yourself in the market.

In this post, we will discuss different ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them start business with low investment.

List of Small Profitable Business Ideas to Make Money in 2020

Selling Services
Selling Services

Selling Services

If you are an expert in a particular field, selling that skill can be one of the high-profit business ideas for you. People typically sell their services in the freelance market. The payouts depend on the quality of services they provide. Once you have built a broad client base, you can also start your own business in that specific industry. 

To sell your skills online, you will need a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Start Affiliate Marketing for Online Business

Earn Online with Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Various billion-dollar companies use affiliate marketing to expand the reach of their services/products. Being able to write product/service descriptions can pay you well as the companies will offer you commissions for selling their products/services. Amazon is one of the top platforms for affiliate marketers around the world. It requires you to have the following to become its affiliate:

  • Domain name and hosting 
  • A website 

Among the small profitable business ideas with low investment to earn online, affiliate marketing is among the most lucrative ones.

Travel Planning – Profitable Business Idea with Low Investment

Travel Planning
Travel Planning

Do you love visiting different places? If yes, then being a travel planner can be a great business idea for you. Most of the time, people who are planning to visit a place for the first time seek travel planners to make their tour hassle-free. You can make use of this opportunity to start your business as a travel planner. 

This business will require you to provide your clients with:

  • Quality residence
  • Quality food
  • Quality transport 
  • Activities

Remember that your clients are your marketers. If you provide good service, they’ll give you a good advertisement, and if your services are poor, then the feedback you receive will be negative. Travel planning is among unique business ideas with low investment that produce handsome returns.

Event Planning – Most Successful Business Idea

Event Planning
Event Planning

Similar to travel planning, people don’t know how to plan their events properly. This gives you the space to launch a small business with low investment. You need to have a good sense of decoration to become a successful event planner.

In the event planning, you’ll be responsible for handling private events like birthday parties and marriages.

Using social media for marketing purposes can take your business to the next level.

Property Management

Property Management
Property Management

Many people own multiple properties, but they don’t know how to handle all their properties simultaneously. As a result, they hire professionals to take care of their properties. 

You should try to explore such people in your area and offer your services to them. You must also be aware of how much the property managers are typically paid. This will give you a good idea to determine how much you should charge for offering your services.

To become a successful property manager, you need to have good management and public dealing skills

Property management is one of the most useful small profitable business ideas with low investment.

Tutoring – Best Online Business Idea for Skilled Persons


Knowledge selling is a practical approach from a business perspective. If you are an expert in a field that people are curious about, then online tutoring is the most reliable business idea with low investment in 2020. You can sell your lectures over Udemy, Coursera, and many other similar platforms.

Editorial Services – Online Business Idea for Beginners

Editorial Services
Editorial Services

Writing is one of the lucrative industries nowadays. You just need to find clients that will avail of your services to promote their brands. 

Being a writer, you can sell various types of writing services, such as:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Business proposals
  • Marketing copies
  • Professional resumes
  • Articles/blogs
  • Web content

All these services offer good payouts. You can find jobs related to these services on the internet or by contacting the relevant companies directly. Selling these services is among the best business ideas with a low investment.

Final Verdict

Running a huge business smoothly is something not everyone can do. Therefore, we created this list of small profitable business ideas with low investment to help you become an entrepreneur. All these ideas are simple and can be implemented with little to no investment. 

So, it’s time for you to pick your favorite idea and utilize all your capacities to fulfill your dream of running your own business.

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