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8 Legitimate Online Work From Home Jobs [Best Home Jobs]

The majority of people end up doubting even legitimate online work from home jobs, because of fake jobs. There is no doubt that plenty of scams are involved in the world of online jobs. The only purpose of these scams is to steal people’s money by offering them fake jobs.

However, the fear of getting scammed can be eliminated by telling people about the online jobs that are real and legit.

In this article, we will discuss some of the work from home jobs that you can take without worrying about scams.

Best Legitimate Ways to Work Online From Home And Get Paid

Virtual call center jobs

Virtual call center jobs
Virtual call center jobs

Marketing is a way of introducing a product/service to potential consumers. In the field of marketing, virtual call centers are playing a significant role. 

Representatives in call centers are responsible for conducting telemarketing campaigns of a target product/service. In this job, the caller is meant to convince the potential consumers to avail of their products/services. 

Various companies hire competent individuals from all over the world to do this job. They provide workers with high-quality software and hardware to launch campaigns.

To apply for call center jobs, you must have:

  • Good communication skills
  • Persuasive tone
  • Good internet connection

If companies find you eligible, they will offer you opportunities to make their products/services familiar to the world.

Freelance IT skills

Freelance IT skills
Freelance IT skills

The IT industry is a trillion-dollar market for programmers who want to sell their skills globally. Programming is among the most lucrative careers in the world, and if you can sell your programming skills in the freelance market, you can make a lot of money.

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr have some off the best online work from home jobs for aspiring freelance programmers.

What are the top IT skills over the freelance market?

Software development, software testing, graphic designing, and digital marketing are a few IT skills that you can sell in the freelance market. These jobs require you to have a strong portfolio that can impress clients.

Customer service representative

Customer service representative
Customer service representative

Companies that care for their customers regularly hire customer service representatives. Most often, they hire individuals that can properly deal with customers’ queries. These individuals are given access to the company’s web-chat portals and emails to provide customer support.

Among the legitimate online work from home jobs, customer care is arguably easiest to find. You can find these jobs from freelance platforms or job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Management (SMM)Best for Freelancers

Social Media Management (SMM)
Social Media Management

Plenty of companies use social media to enhance their online presence. They hire social media managers to help them grow. To land this job, you must be able to do strategic planning to reach the audience effectively.

Instagram and Facebook page management are two of the most popular online work from home jobs in UK and USA.

Various companies hire individuals that can keep their brand engaged with the customers and attract new ones on social media using different strategies. Therefore, you must have good strategic planning skills to succeed in this line of work.

Transcription jobs

Transcription job requires you to listen to the audio files and convert them into text files. It is among the real online work from home jobs that offer good payouts. Most of the people earn online by transcription jobs in extra time.

After you land a transcription job, the employer will send you an audio file. You will have to complete your tasks in the given deadline to build a good reputation. After the completion, the client will pay you the agreed fee that is often from $15 to $25 per hour. You are advised to evaluate the trustworthiness of a client through TrustPilot before making a deal.

Are transcription jobs legitimate?

Yes, transcription jobs are legitimate. You can access them through different freelance platforms such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork or dedicated sites like Transcribeme and Speakwrite.

SEO Expert

SEO Expert
SEO Expert

SEO is an effective digital marketing technique that helps businesses to grow. Companies hire SEO experts who know how to improve the search engine ranking of websites. 

SEO experts use different tools and techniques to help brands reach their target audiences.

Search engine optimization is one of the top legitimate online work from home jobs and requires you to be expert at:

  • Keyword analysis 
  • Content management system
  • Backlinking techniques 

If you are good at these skills, you can find various SEO jobs on the freelancing sites. You can also contact the companies directly to offer your services.

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SEO Writing (For Blogs and Professional Business Websites)

SEO Writing
SEO Writing

SEO writing is a specialized job that requires you to have good writing skills. SEO writing can be categorized into two further fields, on-page SEO writing, and off-page SEO writing.

Both writing types require you to create quality and relevant content using the right keywords. Additionally, there are no age limitations in this job, which makes it one of the best online work from home jobs for college students.

Data Entry – Legit Online Work from Home Jobs

Data Entry online work from home jobs
Online work from home jobs

Companies hire data entry operators to feed data into their systems daily. The majority of data entry jobs are posted on the freelance platforms and job sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

As a data entry operator, you will be responsible for updating excel sheets, form filling, or the company’s in-house management system. The employer will provide you with proper training to help you handle these tasks.

Final Thoughts

All of the options mentioned above are legitimate online work from home jobs that you can do without any fear of getting scammed. You just need to confirm the legitimacy of the company and job by visiting the website of the company that posted the ad. If you find these jobs over the freelance platform, then you won’t have to worry about the legitimacy because the freelance platform will protect your payments.

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