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Legit Ways To Get Paid For Searching The Web in 2020

The Internet is one of the most useful inventions of human history because it solves hundreds of our problems daily. Besides, it offers plenty of opportunities for its users to get paid for searching the web.

There are various ways through which you can earn money from the internet. The companies will pay you according to the assigned work.

In this article, we will discuss a few popular and reliable online places that can help you make extra money.

Nowadays, the internet is becoming a wonderful choice for the people who know to earn online money, but how to make money online with real methods, here you can find the legit ways to get paid for searching the website.

Legit Ways To Get Paid For Searching The Web

in this article we are going to explain about the Legit Ways To Get Paid For Searching The Web, these steps are useful and easy to follow.

Legit Ways To Get Paid For Searching The Web
Get Paid For Searching The Web



Askwonder pays its users for completing different research-based projects. However, you will need to become a registered member of land projects on this site.
These are the requirements that you must meet to join them as a research associate.

  • Good research skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Previous research experience
  • Strong command of the English language

If you have all these features, then you can quickly become a top research associate on Askwonder. 
The general research associates on this site can earn 15-20$ per hour, while specialized researchers such as in the medical field can earn up to 50-100$ per hour.

Cross Media Panel – Get Paid for Searching the Web

Cross Media Panel
Cross Media Panel

This platform performs data analysis on the searched queries. It uses recorded data for research purposes. The data gathered from their studies helps different services/products to flourish in their respective domains.

Bing Rewards – Get paid for searching the website

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

You can get paid for searching the web by using Bing – Microsoft search engine. Bing is one of the biggest competitors of Google. If you prefer Bing over Google for web searches, Bing has a big rewards program for you.
Bing will grant you credits for searching the web on it. Leaving reviews on Bing’s other features and products of Microsoft will also help you earn more credits. You can redeem these as gift cards. 
You must add a Bing extension to your browser to collect these rewards.


Swagbucks is one of the most rewarding options for those looking to get paid for browsing the internet. It is very similar to the Bing rewards programs, apart from the fact that it offers extra rewards on online purchases.

Is Swagbucks a legit option to make money?

Swagbucks is among the most lucrative options to make money by browsing the internet. The proof for its legitimacy is that it rates 8.1 on Trustpilot and has rewarded $41 million till now to its users.
You must add Swagbucks extension to your browser to start earning points. The platform either transfers money in your PayPal account or pays you in gift cards.



Qmee is an excellent option for earning money while searching on Google. It has a straightforward registration process, which only requires you to provide a username and email. After signing up, add a Qmee extension to your chrome browser.

Qmee extension will display a bar on your screen featuring different ads. You can earn 3-6 cents for viewing each ad. Although this technique won’t make you rich, it’s a good option to earn a few dollars while browsing the internet.

How can I earn cash by searching the web?

There are various ways to earn money by searching the web. For example, you can use extensions that pay their users for searching the web. Plenty of websites also pay the users for playing online games, taking online surveys, and watching videos to get paid.

How can I earn $100 by searching the web?

Earning $100 by searching the web is very easy nowadays. Signing up for bonuses, viewing ads, and participating in online research are some useful ways to earn money online. You just need to spend 3-4 hours a day on these activities to earn $100 fast.

How can I get free money using the web?

You can earn money by using the web in different ways. For example, you can sell your old stuff, rent out your space using Airbnb, and upload videos on YouTube.

Final Verdict

So these are some proven ways that can help you to get paid for searching the web using any browser. Using a Bing extension will earn you gift cards, while Google Chrome allows you to use various extensions such as Swagbucks and Qmee to earn residual income as well as gift cards. Now it’s up to you to choose which option convinces you the most.

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