Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in the UK [Updated 2020]

There are different versions of Cryptocurrency, but Bitcoin is the best of the lot. People in all parts of the world buy bitcoins to get rich. But in the following article, we will only discuss the cheapest way to buy bitcoin in UK. Different platforms are going to be discussed in the article to tell you about the ways in which you can buy or sell Bitcoin quickly. So let’s get started!

Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin In The UK – List of Top Website


Wirex allows you to exchange BTC at fairly cheaper rates. If you live in the UK and want to convert euros or pounds into BTC, then you should use Wirex to convert your currency. Wirex also offers its Visa Card holders an opportunity to earn up to 1.4% in Bitcoin whenever they use Wirex Visa Card to make payments.

Wirex has very stunning promotion plans and exchanges Bitcoin at very cheap rates. Due to being the cheapest way to buy bitcoin in the UK, Wirex has seen an incredible expansion in its user base in just a few years. 

Wirex also has an app for smartphone users, which makes it even more comfortable to access.

Coinmama |


Coinmama is one of the best crypto-exchangers in the UK. This platform exchanges different fiat currencies like GBP, USD, RUB, and EUR to Bitcoin. The best thing Coinmama is that it allows friendly transactions from your credit/debit cards.

Coinmama does not come with a built-in wallet for BTC exchange. So you have to create your own bitcoin wallet using sites like Coinmama charges 5% of the transaction as conversion-fee to change fiat currency into BTC and vice versa.

Coinbase |


Coinbase is the frequently used crypto-exchange platform that is available all around the world. Its services in the UK allow users to exchange their euros or GBPs with Bitcoin.

Coinbase is the cheapest way to buy bitcoin in UK. It allows you to buy bitcoins either by using credit/debit card or bank deposits. Coinbase conducts a Know Your Customer (KYC) Check on its to-be consumers who want to buy Bitcoin via their bank deposits.

The biggest advantage of using Coinbase is that it offers you its own wallet.

Coinbase is licensed by New York Bitlicense and E-Money Licenses in UK and Ireland. This makes it a safe option to exchange bitcoins. | is one of the most reliable ways to buy Bitcoin in the UK. Like many other companies, CEX gives its users the freedom to purchase bitcoins from bank transfers and credit/debit cards.

But, when it comes to bank transfers, only exchanges Bitcoin for USD and GBP. Visa and MasterCard subscribers can also avail of CEX’s services. This makes it quite simple for people living in the UK to buy Bitcoin.

The fact that CEX uses automated business processes gives it an edge over its competitors because this enables CEX to provide the clients with instant transfers and exchanges.

Bittylicious |


Bittylicious is an entirely different platform than its competitors. It serves only the Bitcoin traders in the UK. It also allows crypto-geeks to register as a broker.

Bittylicious refers its BTC buyers to the most suitable broker based on the amount of GBP they want to exchange. After being referred, you can get in contact with the broker and transfer GBPs in their account. In return, the broker will transfer the equivalent amount of BTC to your wallet. You just need to tell them your BTC wallet address to make the transfer happen.

Bittylicious keeps a check on its affiliate brokers to ensure transparency. This eliminates your chances of being scammed and makes the entire transaction more secure. Check this list if you are interested to see the popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

Final Thoughts – Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

All the methods mentioned above are the most trusted to buy bitcoin in UK. Some of these ways also provide you with the Bitcoin wallet. But most of them only offer a platform to buy Bitcoin. To buy bitcoins, you just need to make a bank deposit in GBPs or USDs and tell the exchanger your wallet address. Earn Online brings legit ways to make money for you. if you have any suggestions please comment below.

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