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How To Get Free Paypal Money Instantly And Easy?

Everyone needs money these days. With the inflation growing each day, people are searching for ways to increase their income. For such people, PayPal is an excellent place as it offers various ways to earn money. Nowadays, there are more options than ever to make free PayPal money instantly. You can participate in research, become a freelancer, or even play online games to build your PayPal balance. 

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Best Legit Ways to Earn Free Paypal Money Instantly

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

This is one of the biggest online survey sites. It pays you for each survey you take. Besides, registration is simple; you just need to provide basic information such as your username, email, geographical location, etc. However, answering some questions may open an array of new questions. For instance, if you are an alcohol drinker, you may be asked how much alcohol you drink every day.

After completing the registration, you can participate in surveys on the site. Survey Junkie contains a variety of surveys. They’ll award you points for each survey you take and complete. However, to be successful on this site, you must know a lot of subjects. Because if you don’t, there will be very little for you to participate in.

The points you earn can later be transferred into your PayPal account to be redeemed as cash. You must have at least 1,000 points (worth $10) in your earnings to make the transfer to PayPal.

Rakuten – Free PayPal Money Instantly

Rakuten is another excellent platform to make PayPal money instantly

Rakuten is a shopping app that pays its users for buying things online. It is arguably the most prominent app of its kind.

You’ve probably watched TV ads offering discounts on your online shopping. While some of those ads might be true, most are scams.

Rakuten - Free PayPal Money Instantly

On the other hand, Rakuten truly offers excellent deals and discounts on a wide range of online retailers. You simply buy stuff online using their app to earn points that you can reclaim as PayPal cash later.

To make things simpler, you can also download their browser extension to keep track of your purchases. Besides, using their browser extension will eliminate the need to go to their website every time you need to shop. Apart from that, you’ll have the option to make a list of your favorite retailers to save time in your future shopping ventures.

If your point earnings add up to $5 or more, you’ll receive them in your PayPal account shortly after.

MyPoints – Earn PayPal Money Instantly


MyPoints is very much similar to Swagbucks. It began as an online survey site, then became one of the biggest platforms to earn free PayPal money instantly. MyPoints awards points to its users for doing a variety of tasks. These points can be reclaimed as cash on PayPal stores.

On this site, you can earn points by:

  • Taking surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Using the MyPoints search
  • Reading promotional emails
  • Bringing new members to MyPoints
  • Taking additional offers on the platform

PrizeRebel – Earn Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy


PrizeRebel is a unique site that allows you to upgrade your account in five tiers, including bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

As you watch videos, play games, or take surveys to earn points on PrizeRebel, you’ll climb up the levels to earn more rewards. Currently, the majority of bonuses aren’t lucrative, to be honest. However, there is one catch: 

The points you earn for bringing new members to the platform can increase to about 30% of the points the new members earn online on the site. This method can be very lucrative and far more productive than other means of earning free PayPal money instantly on this site. In case you bring a lot of members, your PrizeRebel earnings can add up to a substantial amount. Know more how to make 20 dollars fast.

Dosh – Free PayPal Money Instantly


Dosh is an online shopping app that offers cashback at a range of brands. The app uses your credit or debit card to make transactions. When you shop at a Dosh related restaurant or outlet, you’ll automatically receive rewards based on their cashback percentage (some brands will go as high as 10%!), which is incredible considering most online shops offer only around 1% to 2% of the total amount.

You can earn up to 5,000 points per day on Dosh, which translates to $5 of real money. To redeem these points, simply click ‘catch’ and watch the money transfer into your PayPal account.

However, if you truly want to increase your income, consider referring a business to Dosh. Doing this will earn you 20% of their Dosh earnings for two years. Referring to friends and colleagues to Dosh is also an excellent way to earn points on this app.

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InboxDollars – Get Free PayPal Money Instantly


InboxDollars lets you sign up to receive their promotional emails in exchange for earning bonuses that you can reclaim at PayPal stores. Apart from reading emails, you can also watch videos and take surveys to make PayPal money instantly on this platform.

You’ll have to earn a lot of points, however, to be able to redeem them. You must have at least $30 in your InboxDollars earnings to transfer them into your PayPal account. And seriously, that’s a huge threshold, particularly when compared with Survey Junkie’s $10, Rakuten’s $5 or PrizeRebel’s $2.

Respondent – Get Free Paypal Money Legally is arguably the highest paying survey site. Unlike other sites that pay their users pennies for completing surveys, Respondent offers lucrative payouts. The site only allows select people to take surveys and pays them as much as $140 per hour.


The majority of surveys on this site are conducted in person or via phone. However, these surveys are not as simple to complete as the ones on other websites. That is also the reason Respondent only allows experts to take its surveys. With that said, Respondent is a top place to earn between $30 and $200 quickly.

It helps if you are an expert in a particular industry such as tech or fashion. Being an expert allows you to easily take surveys on this site and earn extra money from home.

Respondent will transfer your earnings into your PayPal account after charging a small service fee.

Receipt Hog

This site requires you to upload photographs of your shopping receipts. After registering on the site, you go to the Receipts tab and take pictures of receipts. The images are then transferred to InfoScout’s servers that are also responsible for handling your shopping data. 

You’ll need to answer a couple of questions about the shopping trip from which you got those receipts. Questions like: how many people you went shopping? How much time did you spend there? And several other questions.

Remember that Receipt Hog only accepts receipts that were generated in the last two weeks. So make sure that your receipts aren’t older than two weeks.

In order to earn free PayPal money instantly on Receipt Hog, you must have at least $5 or 500 points in your earnings. You can increase your pace of earning by uploading more receipts.



Rover is a top platform that pays users for dog walking or dog sitting. If you love dogs and have a lot of spare time, you can use this site to earn free PayPal money instantly no surveys.

How To Get Free Paypal Money Fast And Easy?

You just need to sign up on the site and find dog walking or dog sitting jobs in your area. Building a reputation on this site takes word of mouth, which means you must provide good service to gain positive feedback.

Rover pays its users in two ways: PayPal and cash. In order to make most of this platform, don’t forget the following:

  • Be friendly with the dog you care about.
  • Do not bring treats for the dog as they may give the dog allergies.
  • Fill the water bowl before leaving.


Swagbucks was initially an online survey site, but now it offers all sorts of options to earn money online. The sits pays you points for doing a number of activities such as:

  • Watching video
  • Playing games
  • Taking online surveys
  • Buying gift cards
  • Doing internet searches, and similar other stuff.

The points you earn from doing these activities can be redeemed at PayPal stores. To redeem the points, however, you must have at least $5 worth of points in your earnings.

To make the best use of this site, we advise you to use it in your spare time. Spending full time on Swagbucks is not worth it because the payouts are meager. By using it in your spare time, you’ll be earning money by doing simple activities in the time that you would have spent sitting idle otherwise.

Final Thoughts

So these were some useful ways to earn free PayPal money instantly. You can use one site or multiple sites to earn that way. Just make sure to use these sites in your spare time as they’re not a good alternative to full-time jobs.

Try them out and let us know if they helped improve your income.

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