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15 Unique Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency At Home

There are hundreds of digital currencies throughout the world. A lot of people use these currencies to make money from home. If you also want to earn cryptocurrency to increase your income, this article will discuss unique ways that people around the world use.


top ways to earn crypto
Top ways to earn crypto

Crypto investments

This is a tricky way to earn cryptocurrency. You will need prior knowledge and expert advice to succeed as a crypto investor. You will also need to be careful when choosing a coin to make investments because most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. There are a few rules to follow before launching yourself in the crypto investment.

  • Beware of the hype and keep in touch with ground realities.
  • Learn how to predict upcoming trends of a cryptocurrency. 
  • Learn about the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency investments are not like conventional investments where you invest and wait for years to make revenues. Things aren’t like that in the crypto world.

Remember the first rule; take expert advice if you want to earn free cryptocurrency by making investments. You will also have to ignore the hypes which are created over the internet. This risk is high in the newly introduced currencies, so you must stay beware of the hypes. 

The second rule will help you avoid this trouble altogether.

Being able to predict trends of crypto is essential to make investments in digital coins successfully. To predict the crypto trends, you have to use several analytic tools. There are several courses on Udemy which teach you the crypto analytic science. If you want to make safe investments, the expert crypto consultancy is the answer.

The third rule strengthens the second one and is highly centered on it. Those who are aware of the volatility of the cryptocurrencies can make more secure investments.

Crypto Trading – A Smart Way To Earn Cryptocurrency Online

Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading

There are two methods associated with crypto earning. POW and POS are the two methods to earn cryptocurrency. Proof of work (POW) determines your earning, which you have made through mining. 

Proof of stake, on the other hand, is related to crypto trading. In PoS, the money is earned through staking the mined or bought cryptocurrency.

The safe way to go with the crypto staking/trading is that you should be familiar with the fluctuating charts that will let you know the optimum times to stake your cryptocurrency. The in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency allows you to stake your crypto-stocks safely. This is the method that turns most of the crypto enthusiasts into millionaires overnight.

Crypto mining

Mining is a great way to earn cryptocurrency. In mining, powerful computers participate in solving complex problems. In the cryptocurrency market, this is technically known as POW. Different computers work to mine the currency. Along with this, there are dedicated minors whose only job is to mine the coins.

To become a crypto trader, you need to have an online or hardware crypto wallet. But, when it comes to converting them into fiat currency, the owners need to come online.

Write for cryptocurrency

Write for cryptocurrency
Write for cryptocurrency

Several companies hire crypto writers at good payouts. Most of these companies pay you in cryptocurrency. If you have good writing skills, you can collaborate with dedicated crypto platforms and earn cryptocurrency at home.

You should stay in contact with such companies because they often need writers to build their online presence.

Take surveys and get paid in cryptocurrency

It is not only the writing skills that can help you earn cryptocurrency online. Several companies will pay you in crypto for taking their online surveys. The best thing about these tasks is that they don’t expect you to have high skills

The companies review the data from online surveys for a specific purpose. For instance, they ask you to review a mobile app in their survey. Then they will fix the bugs and incompetency, if any, in their apps and will fix them accordingly.

Timebucks, Cinchbucks, and Surveytime are a few companies that conduct online surveys and pay you in crypto. Read more about the highest paying survey sites.

Freelance services

The skillset required to entertain the world-wide community has changed over time. Based on your interest, you can learn various skills like software development, software testing, graphic designing, SEO writing to earn an excellent income. When you have learned a skill that you can sell digitally, you will start earning crypto quickly.

Due to the increased popularity of cryptocurrency, several freelance platforms will pay you in crypto for your services. If you want to earn cryptocurrency, go with the platform that convinces you the most.

Freelance Service
Freelance Service


If you are looking to earn some quick crypto coins, an airdrop is the easiest way. 

Normally, an airdrop is a tactic where you drop food or necessary goods via airplane to people in need. In the world of cryptocurrencies, however, this works differently.

Crypto airdrops are basically tokens that companies distribute to different wallet addresses for free.

Companies typically do this for the following reasons:

  • To raise brand awareness
  • To increase customer loyalty
  • To understand customers and more.

With that said, some projects may not have your best interest at heart. These projects are run by scammers, whose only purpose is to steal your money. Therefore, you must only go with the best-rated ones.

Here are some top-rated airdrops that may you want to try out:

  • CoinRui Exchange
  • Oikos
  • Cocoricos
  • Earn Bitcoin by Coinbase
  • Dog Data

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which you advertise a brand through your blog, website, or social media. It’s a simple way to make a living. You can send a user to buy a product or service and get paid in crypto or fiat.

To earn cryptocurrency with affiliate marketing, you must work with brands that are willing to pay in it. Plenty of blockchain companies pay top coins to their affiliates. Try finding those companies and set up a blog or website related to that niche to start earning.


In crypto bounties, you trade your time for tokens. They are very similar to airdrops, except for the fact that you have to spend more time earning them.

You can collect bounties for doing different tasks such as:

  • Finding bugs in a code
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand promotion on crypto-related forums
  • Content creation

Different skills will earn you different bounties. For example, Coinbase recently paid a massive $30,000 bounty for fixing their code. But you may not make that much money through other approaches. So it’s important to keep your expectations realistic based on your skillset.

Hard Forks

A hard fork happens when a community disagrees with the future of a project. As a result, the community splits the coin into two different coins. Each coin goes its own way and develops its own idea. Their codes will be different too. Therefore, the coins will not influence each other anymore.

If you can collect coins at the time of the fork, you will have a copy of each coin. The most famous example of the forked coin is Bitcoin Cash that resulted in a decent amount of free crypto.

Blockchain Jobs

You don’t have to be a programmer for blockchain jobs. There are many other things you can do to earn cryptocurrency that way. 

Here are the top blockchain jobs that will pay you in crypto:

  • Community manager
  • Content writer
  • Manager
  • Marketing
  • Customer support

The blockchain industry has plenty of other jobs as well. If you have a specific skill set, earning crypto in this industry will become a lot easier. All the jobs performed here are online, and several platforms can link you up with the right job.


Masternodes are also called digital gold mines. They are like traditional savings account with minimum deposit of cryptocurrencies. The difference is that a traditional account pays interest, while a masternode pays rewards in native coin.

However, as with every other investment, investing in masternodes is a risky business. The crypto industry is full of scams. The masternode you’re trying to invest could be fake. Also, when you invest in the down market, you only get returns when the coins you invest can cover the price fall.

So, remember to be careful, but not afraid to invest in masternodes.

Earn Crypto with Ethereum and Bitcoin

There are several ways to earn Ethereum online. Here are the top ones:

  • Mining
  • Staking and lending
  • Faucets
  • Online gaming
  • Writing

In addition to earning ETH, you can also make free crypto from Bitcoin. Contrary to the general opinion, earning crypto via Bitcoin is quite easy. There are a number of ways that can help you grow your crypto assets with minimal effort.

These are the most common ways to earn Bitcoin:

  • Mining
  • Faucets
  • Pay to click websites
  • Helping others and getting tipped in Bitcoin
  • Doing micro jobs
  • Buying and holding
  • Bitcoin trading, and more.


To earn crypto from staking, first, you need to get qualified as a node, which can be done by depositing a certain amount of coins in your staking wallet. Once you become a node, you can verify transactions for a small fee that is paid in the native coin.

The best thing about staking is that you don’t rely on computer power to make cryptocurrency. You just make a small investment and let your money do the talking.

Typically, you stake coins in a wallet on a monthly or yearly basis and earn interest. This helps both the network and miners to keep going.


How to earn cryptocurrency?

Crypto-investments, crypto trading, and crypto mining are a few technical ways to earn cryptocurrency. They need you to be an expert at various things about cryptocurrency for profitable investments and trades, respectively. But, you can take surveys and sell your skills to earn cryptocurrency in return.

How to earn cryptocurrency online free?

When it comes to earning cryptocurrency for free, taking surveys and selling your services at the dedicated platforms are the ways that pay you back in cryptocurrency. Most often, you get paid in bitcoin. You can also earn crypto coins through crypto-trades and crypto mining, but first, you’ll have to spend money to buy appropriate equipment for that.

How to earn money by using cryptocurrency?

There is a proverbial saying, “money attracts money.” You can earn more money by using cryptocurrency if you start trades and flip cryptocurrency at optimum times. However, you must be technically sound to earn cryptocurrency that way.

Final Verdict 

These are a few popular methods that can help you earn cryptocurrency. A few of them require you to be really expert at the cryptocurrency techniques. But, the others are simple and will only require you to sell services to earn crypto.

You just need to find the platforms that will pay you in crypto for your services.

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