Legal Transcription Jobs From Home

Legal Transcription Jobs From Home [Ultimate Guide]

The transcription industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. This job requires you to convert audio files into files. Different platforms offer plenty of opportunities for individuals to do legal transcription jobs from home.

Now, if you’re wondering why transcription has a big

market and how these jobs are created? The answer is simple: there are hundreds of languages spoken all over the world. And one person can’t be an expert at all of them. So clients look for different individuals who understand their languages and have excellent typing skills to convert audio files into text files.

Online Legal Transcription Jobs from Home for Entry Level to Experts

As a transcriptionist, when you make an agreement with a client, the client will send you a video or audio file that you will need to transcribe into a text file. After finishing it, you will send the transcribed file to the client. Ultimately, the client will pay you the salary that was mutually agreed between the two of you.

Transcription jobs typically come in three different categories:

  • General transcription jobs
  • Legal transcription jobs
  • Medical transcriptions jobs

General transcription jobs require you to convert general audio files that typically include podcasts and Facebook videos. Video lectures and movies are also among the files that you might be asked to transcribe.

After gaining experience in general transcription, the majority of experts move to legal transcription as it is considered an upgrade on general transcription. Some experts start doing it straight away while some take legal transcription training courses before entering this line of work. Doing so enables them to land lucrative projects.

In the field of medical transcription, you must have a rich vocabulary of medical terminologies. You’ll be transcribing different illnesses, medications, equipment, and whatnot. So it’s important to be fully aware of the names and terminologies that are used in the medical field. The best thing you can do to increase your medical vocabulary is to attend training courses in your area or on the internet.

How to find legal transcription jobs from home?

How to find legal transcription jobs from home
Transcription Jobs From Home

The answer is quite simple! You can do an online search for the platforms that offer opportunities to earn online by doing online transcription jobs from home. For this job, you only need to have a reliable internet connection and good command of the related languages. 

Upwork is the top site among general platforms, while speakwrite tops the category of dedicated online sites for transcription jobs.

Platforms To Find Part Time Transcription Jobs From Home

There are plenty of legal transcription companies with legitimate jobs. Here, we will discuss a few of those with their registration requirements:


Only hires experienced transcriptionists to maintain high standards of their services. 

Takes transcriptionists with all levels of experience. Novices and seasoned transcriptionists can both apply for jobs at Rev. However; applicants must pass a basic grammar test to get selected.


Hires transcriptionists from all around the world. However, Australia, UK, Canada, and USA are the leading countries from where Appen hires transcriptionists.


It is a dedicated platform that offers online part time and full time transcription jobs from home only to US citizens.

Focus Forward 

This is an excellent place for experienced transcriptionists from around the world to showcase their skills. It does not take novice transcriptionists. Only the experienced ones can register and use this site.

What extra skills does a transcription job require?

What extra skills does a transcription job require
What extra skills does a transcription job require

Every job requires a particular skill set that determines whether an individual is capable of handling it or not. Aside from transcription skills, companies look for individuals with good communication & time management skills along with their ability to pay attention to details.

To become a successful transcriptionist, you must also focus on improving these aspects, and you will easily become the best fit for a legal transcriptionist job from home.

Final Verdict

So this was the necessary information about legal transcription jobs from home. Some of the jobs require you to be experienced or take training before applying. For example, to become a medical transcriptionist, you must be a certified individual by

Therefore, you should thoroughly research the market to know the requirements before going with a specific niche. 

Good luck with the job hunt!

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