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The freelance market is one of the biggest markets where you can become part of a pool for selling your services. Besides a few ones, working in flexible hours and make money as a freelancer is the dream of any skilled person in the world. In this regard, you will find a full guide to tap into the billion-dollar freelance market effectively. 

Steps to go 

  • Find your strengths
  • Set up a profile accordingly 
  • Start bidding to find projects 
  • Make money and repeat step 3 
Make Money Online

Finding strengths

You may be part of a very odd industry, but there are many easy-to-learn skills you can sell to different employers in the world. It is high time to break the chains and tap into the freelance market, either you are not entertained in your full-time job or want to make some side income. The freelance market is always available to tap into. 

For such people whose skills are not the best fit for the freelance market, they should go ahead with finding the skills they are interested in.

Set up a profile 

Once you have explored the field and want to sell your services. Before you go with setting up your profile, you should visit the profile of the top-rated freelance sellers of your genre who are already making money as freelancers. This practice would help you a lot with effectively communicating with your upcoming clients once they visit your profile.

Start bidding  

A winning proposal is more likely to win you a project over the freelance platform. So, it is high time to optimize your employability once you have reached this step. In this step, the demonstration of the required skill set is an essential part of your proposal. 

Apart from a well-demonstrated skillset in your proposal, you should ensure that your employer’s satisfaction is your core value. You should not assume yourself to be submitting the proposals without any caring statements. 

Make money and keep bidding 

Every satisfied client against a freelance project optimizes your profile, and you should think it an opportunity to mark success in the freelance career. Being a newbie, you have very few things to include in your proposals. Once you go with more tasks, your experience eventually gets diversified.

You must keep updating your proposals accordingly if you are specialized in more than one job. Last but not least, you have a satisfied client, it’s OK. You must ask him/her to leave a review of your work. The best part of a review by your client is that it will leave a good impression on the employers who visit your profile, and you are more likely to win projects solely based on good reviews by your employers. 

Tip: You should leave no stone unturned to make money as a freelancer and mark your success story in the long run. Consider recommendations by the top level-sellers for optimizing your freelance profile. When getting specified to a particular job, you will find a lot of valuable suggestions on how to optimize your freelance profile. 

Irrespective of the field, the above guidelines are general ones to go ahead. Mean to say; every freelancer is meant to go with those steps. Introducing you to a complete freelance guide, it would be in your high favor to know the top-rated freelance skills in detail.  

Top Skills To Make Money As A Freelancer 

As far as the freelancer skills are concerned about their prerequisites, there is no age limit or a particular education level required to learn a new skill that may help you earn as a freelancer. 

Make Money as a Freelancer
Make Money As a Freelancer

Writing – Make Money As A Freelancer

Writing is one of the most in-demand skills which most of the businesses require for multiple purposes. Blogging sites are always in need of writers. For a blogging site, the writer is meant to write an industry-related topic for their websites. The content is expected to be SEO friendly from the writer’s end. 

The benefit of the SEO friendly content is that it grabs the organic traffic to a particular site. If you are good at writing and eager to elaborate on the topics with a marketing stance, you are recommended to tap into the blogging for making money as a freelancer. The projects are in bulk for potential writers. 

Blogging is one of the fields of writing; there are many more things associated with writing. Different businesses may require you to write proposals, emails, and other official documents. To mark success in the writing field, you must keep an eye on conceptualizing the requirements and writing the content that exactly fits the needs of requirements. 

Resume writing is also fun to know about different fields. Over the freelance platforms, you can help the masses to optimize their employability by writing them eye-catching resumes. 

These are a few popular ways on how to make money freelance writing by satisfying the needs of different versions of jobs. 

Virtual assistant – Make Money As A Freelancer

Different businesses or individuals would like you to hire for virtual assistance in their tasks. The VA job will require you to have particular experience in the MS office and good management skills.

Here we sketch the roles of VA, which thousands of VA are doing all over the world. As a virtual assistant to some company’s executive body, you will arrange meetings with the people in the given slots as per the instructions of your boss. You will prepare various presentations for the person for whom you are working as a virtual assistant.

Apart from such virtual assistant roles, the Amazon business owners also hire virtual assistants to expand their business accordingly. You need to learn a few new skills related to Amazon for tapping into the Amazon virtual assistant field. List optimization is the frequently required skill in Amazon businesses for a wider reach.

You are only required to go through the job description of a virtual assistant if it suits your skills based on your strengths or previous knowledge; just write a compelling proposal to the employer for winning a job. 

Marketing – Make Money As A Freelancer

Marketing roles are among the leading ones in the freelance industry. Every business wants to take an edge over its competitors. To meet the business’s competence, many business owners are switching to digital marketing for a wider reach. SEO, SEM, and SMM are a few in-demand skills in the freelance industry.

These skills are easy to learn, and you play with only the engaging software to mark success in the marketing field. Many people are afraid of dealing with the coding part of a website when they plan to enter the field of SEO and SEM.

Keyword research, optimizing the quality of writers in terms of the best SEO practices, and building active backlinks may help you to land an SEO role in the field of marketing. Among the digital techniques, PPC is a marketing technique that is used to expand the business. 

Social media marketing is also frequently required skills for various B2C businesses. Among the tops marketing skills, the skills mentioned above would optimally help you how to make money by freelancing skills to potential employers.

Graphic designing – Make Money As A Freelancer

Graphics designing is the trendiest skill that only needs a passion from the learner. The employers belong to different industries if it is about selling skills as a freelance graphic designer. The graphic designer must be a creative thinker who can translate business themes into visuals.

Logo designing, 3D-modelling, web designing are a few tremendously required skills that solely belong to graphic designers. Along with an eye for beautiful things, you must be able to use top graphic designing tools that will help you to design eye-catching graphical content with just a few clicks.

This is how freelancers earn money by selling their graphic designing skills to potential employers. 

Customer service representative 

Businesses are obsessed with customer care and turn them into loyal customers. In this regard, they hire customer service representatives who take initiatives to keep aligned with the customers. You can tap into such jobs as a freelancer. 

The employers will evaluate your customer dealing skills. If you are good at verbal and written communication, a customer service representative job is one of the best freelance ways to make money today. The routine is not too hectic, like many other freelance jobs. 


Direct sales are one of the common ways to take your business to the next level. For such roles, companies hire telesales representatives on commission bases against each sale. If you have a good sense of marketing a product or service by communicating in written or verbal format.

You can align with the companies who are eager to boost their sales. Some of the area-specified companies would ask you to run sale campaigns in their domestic. Being a sales representative, you must be compatible with the company’s timings for which you are being hired. 

Web development

Every business wants to make its online presence and switching to the web world. That’s why web-development is the most leading freelance skill. There are different web development technologies that you can master at being able how to earn money through freelancing by selling particular skills. 

PHP,, ROR, React-native, and Node JS are a few web development languages you can learn to make money as freelancers. The freelance industry is tremendously equipped with jobs for web-developer roles. 

These are a few top freelance skills, along with their subcategories. Most of them are general, and you can opt for a part-time job to make some income on the side. Besides the web-development skills, all skills are general and need no background to mark the success in your freelance career.

Ahead you will find top freelance platforms where you can find the relevant industry-related jobs.

Top Freelancing Platforms 


Upwork is the worthiest among the freelancing platforms of all genres. Service providing companies even bid over this platform to expand their client base all over the world. Upwork is compatible with both the individuals and the companies to expand the network of their services.

When it is about the jobs, Upwork comes with diverse kinds of jobs and caters to more than 100 skills. The freelancers and the employers go with a win-win strategy. Once the freelancers have built trust in their clients, they offer them to hire more employees in their country and expand their area of the network. 

How does Upwork work?

A year back, Upwork was unpaid, and everyone was able to bid against a project free of cost. Now, your project’s bidding is no more unpaid, and you have to pay for buying connections. 

Once you bid against a project and become able to win the project, you will get payments after each deliverable which you deal with your client. Once the amount is added to your Upwork account, you can withdraw it in the possible option which Upwork is compatible with. This is how you make money as a freelancer on Upwork.

Moreover, there is a deduction policy against every successful payment. Under 500$, you have to pay 20% of fees to Upwork and 10% when 500-1000$. When the amount is more than 1000$, you have to pay 5% of the total cost you receive. is an Australian marketplace of freelancers and employers. Same like Upwork, the also offers a platform to the worldwide talent. 

The deduction policies are a bit convincing when the freelancers think to make money with It charges 3% of the total payment as a service fee to the freelancers.

Web development, graphic designing, writing, marketing are the top sellable services over this marketplace of more than 40 million people. Unlike the Upwork, freelancers have an edge on this site as they have access to the profiles and proposals of their competitors for the same job. 


Peopleperhour is the UK based freelance site where more than a hundred skills are catered at the same time. It is also popular among the worldwide audience of freelancers and service seekers. The bidding is also paid on PeoplePerHour, and you have to buy connections for seeking the relevant job over Peopleperhour.

Talking about the PeoplePerHour’s deduction policy, it charges 20% when the payment is less than 500$, from 500 to 5000$, and the freelancers have to pay 7.5% of the amount. When payments are more than 5000$, there is a 5% deduction against each payment. 

All the information regarding these popular freelancer sites has been taken from their official sites. Other than these platforms, freelancers do pay heed to other techniques like email marketing and telephones call to introduce their services to the potential audience. 


Irrespective of the skill set’s area specification, this is the full guide for those who want to make money as freelancers from the comforts of their home. Those who do like a boss style job are encouraged to thoroughly look into the guide for spotting an opportunity related to their skillset.

Many skills have potential enough to grab the new people who are not even familiar with the word of that field. The skills specified in the blog’s popular skill section would only like you to be enthusiastic and don’t need you to be having a particular degree or certification. Web development is the only freelance skill that requires you to have the background of programming or an associate diploma in computer science. When it is about top-ranked skills on freelance platforms, you can learn them very easily from scratch. The next level of enthusiasm is the only prerequisite to land a successful career in the freelancing field. 

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