How to Make Money without a Job

How to Make Money without a Job in 2020?

Do you love the idea of making money without a job? Are you looking for information about how to make money without a job? Have you recently lost your job and are now looking for options to make money from home? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you’re in luck because there are dozens of ways to earn passive income from home.

Some of these jobs are online, while some require social interactions. Regardless of the job’s nature, you can use the internet to sell whatever skills you have to generate income. And if you’re out of ideas, then we suggest you read our top 20 ways to make money without a job.

Quick And Easy Ways To Earn Money Without A Job

Quick Ways To Earn Money Without A Job
Quick Ways To Earn Money Without A Job

Take online surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the simplest ways to make money from home. It works best for people that are looking to make quick cash without significant effort. These jobs are easily available and if you can spend a few hours every day completing surveys, you can make good money.

Companies conduct online surveys to get user feedback on their products and services. By getting hired by those companies, you can earn a small number of dollars every day.

Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two of the top sites to find these jobs.

Invest in real estate

Invest in real estate
Invest in real estate

Investing in real estate is one of the coolest ways to make money without a job. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can invest in rental income properties (duplexes, apartments, commercial properties) or flip homes for a profit.

The best thing about real estate is that even when you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, it gives you plenty of options to make money. For example, you can mortgage your properties to invest in crowdfunded real estate.

Ghost shoppingHow to make money without a job

Ghost shopping - How to make money without a job
Ghost shopping

If you love shopping and have a keen eye out for details, then ghost shopping is an excellent way to earn money without a job. In ghost shopping, you visit different shops, hotels, restaurants, and rate employee’s performance to help them improve future shoppers’ experience. If you love the idea, Mystery Shopping is a great place for its execution.

Sell Stock Photos

Sell Stock Photos
Sell Stock Photos

Do you love photography? If yes, then selling photos is another cool way to earn cash from home. You just need to have good camera equipment and set up an account on sites like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. After signing up, you can upload your camera work on these sites and get paid when people use it.

Sell or rent your stuff

Sell or rent your stuff
Sell or rent your stuff

For those asking how to make money without a job, selling or renting stuff is an excellent option. We all have stuff that we don’t use anymore, but it occupies our space and clutters up the entire house. You don’t have to put up with it anymore as there are plenty of sites to sell that stuff online.

Old clothes, CDs, DVDs, handmade crafts, and paintings are the most common things that people buy online. If you have any of these things, sell them on sites like AmazoneBay, or Etsy to make some money.

Kindle Publishing

If you have good writing skills, you should try writing eBooks and publishing them on Kindle. Thousands of writers around the world self-publish their eBooks on Amazon Kindle and make good money from it.

Test websitesMake money without a job

Many companies hire individuals for website testing to improve user experience and functionalities of their sites. The good thing is that finding these jobs is very easy. You just need to register on sites like StartUpLift or UserTesting to get started. These sites have a free Signup and you can earn $10 flat for every successful job.

Rent out a room

Rent out a room
Rent out a room

If you have a spare room or rooms, you can rent them out using AirBNB to earn cash. Millions of people around the world are making money without a job through this approach. You just need to set up an account on AirBNB and post ads to rent out your spare rooms.

Online shopping

If you want to know how to make money without a job, this option is for you. There are plenty of apps that pay you for shopping online. Our favorite ones are Rakuten and Ibotta.

Online shopping
Online shopping

Both of these apps are free and offer plenty of rewards.

Rakuten pays a percentage of cashback for shopping through it. It is simple to use and has a broad range of brands to buy from.

Ibotta is also a useful app for online shoppers. It offers you rebates at the stores you shop. To avail of these rebates, you have to scan receipts of the things you purchase and upload those receipts to the app. If they get accepted, the money will be instantly deposited into your account.

Web Searching

Make Money by Web Searching
Web Searching

It may come off as a surprise but you can get paid for searching the web! Services like Microsoft Rewards offer points to people who search the web with Microsoft. These points can later be redeemed to watch movies, play games, obtain gift cards, and more.

Enter Contests

Winning money is the fastest way to make money. And the best way to win money is to enter contests. You can find contests on websites like Contest Girl and FreakyFreddies

At Contest Girl you can find sweepstakes and contest listings from the USA and Canada. The prizes here are worth $50 to several thousand dollars.

FreakyFreddies is another top website with a variety of competitions paying thousands of dollars to the winners. Check out their listings to find suitable competitions, and prepare for them before entering.

Watch Movie Previews

Are you wondering how to make money without a job? If yes, you don’t have to spend any more of your time thinking of ways to earn cash because now you can get paid to watch movie previews from home. Websites like Swagbucks ask you to watch and like videos on their platform and, in return, they pay PayPal cash that you can easily redeem for gift cards.

Walk Dogs

Walk Dogs
Walk Dogs

If you are looking for a side hustle to make money in your spare time, then walking dogs is a great idea. An average dog walker can earn between $20 and $50 for an hour’s dog walk.

The best thing about dog walking is that you can walk multiple dogs at the same time. However, you’ll need dog owners’ permission for that as they may have issues with their dogs walking with other dogs.

If you’re a dog lover, this job will never bore you.

Install Data Collecting Apps

Market research apps look for volunteers to collect data. These apps revolve around collecting user feedback on different shopping trends in the market.

MobileXpression and SavvyConnect are two of the top apps that pay you for doing their market research.

Participate In Mock Trials

Lawyers often look for individuals who want to participate in mock trials to see how their cases will go. You can get paid to be part of a jury during mock trials.

Online Verdict and eJury are two of the top sites to make money this way.

Start a Blog

Start a Blog to Make Money
Start a Blog

Still not sure how to make money without a job? Start a blog. Running a blog is an excellent way to earn online cash from home.

When you own a successful blog, Google monetizes it to display ads and pays you every time a visitor clicks on those ads. Affiliate marketing and selling your skills are some other ways to generate passive income with a blog.

Another option to earn from your blog is to get sponsorship from a company. Blogs that are sponsored post content about the niche of their sponsor company and get paid good fees.

Remember that apart from writing quality content, your blog must also use search engine optimization. Using the best SEO practices ranks your blog higher in search engines and brings more traffic to it. The better the SEO, the higher the number of visitors, and hence more clicks on ads.

How Can I Make Money Without A Job – Create A Product

Don’t have a job? No problem. If you have a unique idea, create your own product and launch it in the market. From physical to digital, the product could be anything. As long as it provides a unique solution to an existing problem, people will buy it. And this is when you’ll start making money beyond imagination.

All the billion-dollar companies you see today started from zero. They just provided a unique solution to get people’s attention and now they’re sitting on the top.

Microsoft and Google are a few common examples.

Start Babysitting

If you love spending time with babies, then how about you start making money from it?

Babysitting is a cool job for people that love playing with babies. And the good news is that finding these jobs very simple. You can find plenty of people in your neighborhood that need a babysitter. By offering them your services, you can make a lot of money every day.

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is a great investment because of the high volatility. If you love high-risk high reward situations, then Bitcoin can help you make a lot of money at home. If you don’t have enough resources, then you can buy small amounts of Bitcoin to earn cash without a job.

Become a Transcriptionist

If you have a good command of the English language, then transcribing audio files is a great way to make money without a job. In transcription, you convert audio files into text files and get paid good money in return.

Final Thoughts

So these were the top 20 ways to make money without a job. All these jobs are extremely simple and offer good payouts. Pick a job that matches your interest and start making money today!

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