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Everything You Need To Know About Legitimate Proofreading Jobs Online

Are you looking for attractive options to earn from home? Do you have a good command of the English language? Do you love to detect grammatical errors, typos, misplaced commas, and whatnot? If the answer to all these questions is YES, then proofreading is the perfect job for you. It’s simple to do, and there are plenty of legitimate proofreading jobs online that pay good salaries.

The best part is that these jobs don’t require any experience or degree. You just need to prove that you’re a capable proofreader, and the jobs will start to roll into your life from all directions.
Proofreading is a lucrative job, and the demand for it is always high. What we mean is that as long as people continue to publish fresh content, proofreading jobs will be there.

If you’d love to know more about this line of work, keep reading.

What is proofreading?

What is proofreading
Online proofreading

Proofreading is the last step of the editing process. The primary goal of proofreading is to polish the content before it goes to publish. The main responsibilities of this job include correcting grammar & spelling, eliminating typos, and improving the style of writing.

Every company or individual that produces content need proofreaders. Whether you write blogs, own a small business, or run large corporations, you’ll need a proofreader to improve content quality. Though some writers do their own proofreading, many prefer to hire a professional for this process. This gives them a second set of eyes to ensure everything is fine.

How many types of proofreading jobs are there?

Legitimate proofreading jobs online come in a variety of forms. As a proofreader, you may be asked to polish anything from social media posts to emails and novels to books. The most common proofreading jobs include:

  • Student essays
  • Blog posts
  • Emails & newsletters
  • Newspaper articles
  • Press releases
  • Court transcripts
  • Medical transcripts
  • Legal transcripts
  • Novels
  • User manuals
  • Restaurant menus

What is the difference between a proofreader and an editor?

What is the difference between a proofreader and editor
Proofreader and Editor

The main difference is that proofreaders focus on small details such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar. On the other hand, the editors suggest big changes such as rephrasing sentences or restructuring the whole section. Moreover, editors are responsible for bringing clarity and consistency to the content.

Typically, editing happens before proofreading. Once done, the revised document is sent to the proofreader for final changes. After getting approved by the proofreader, the content is finally published.

What is the hourly salary of a proofreader?

Legitimate proofreading jobs online don’t pay on an hourly basis. They either pay a yearly salary or by project, pages, or the number of words. The earning of a proofreader also depends on experience. For example, entry level proofreading jobs online pay close to $1,500 per month ($18,000/year), while the expert proofreaders make around $45,000 on average according to Glassdoor.

Quantity of work is another important factor that determines a proofreader’s earning. Proofreaders with several clients are likely to make more money than someone who’s just working with one or two clients.

What skills do you need to become a proofreader?

To become a proofreader at home, firstly, you must have excellent English language skills. You should know the proper use of grammar, punctuation, and have a sharp eye for spelling mistakes. Secondly, you should be a passionate reader. If you are someone who loves to read novels, books, or even blogs, then doing freelance proofreading jobs from home will be much easier. Thirdly, if you have a journalism degree, it will add more value to all that.

What are the best helping tools for proofreading jobs?

If you have an excellent command of the English language, you won’t need helping tools. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Plenty of proofreading tools are available that can make your life simple by saving a lot of time. 

Google Docs and Grammarly are two of the most common proofreading tools. Google Docs gives proofreader the option to add comments, while Grammarly detects punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors in real-time and suggest solutions.

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What are the top online proofreading services?

top online proofreading services
top online proofreading services

There are plenty of platforms that offer legitimate proofreading jobs online. Whether you are a novice or an expert proofreader, there are opportunities for all levels. You just need to find a website that accepts your level of expertise.

These are the websites that proofreaders from all around the world use to make money online.


FlexJobs accepts entry-level to experienced proofreaders. It’s an ideal website for those trying to find freelance proofreading jobs from home. All the job posts on this platform are checked for scams before getting approved, which means they’re 100% legit. However, you’re required to pay $14.95/month to be able to apply for those jobs.

Visit the website: https://www.flexjobs.com/


Contena is a community of experienced proofreaders, editors, and writers. It offers great job opportunities for both full time and part-time proofreaders. One thing you should know is that Contena isn’t free to use. It’s a paid membership site that offers fairly flexible membership plans to make it as affordable as possible.

Visit the website: https://www.contena.co/

Proofreading Pal

Proofreading Pal is another excellent platform to find legitimate proofreading jobs online. However, you must have at least five years’ experience in proofreading to land jobs here. Professionals on this platform can earn online from $500-$3,000 per month.

Visit the website: https://proofreadingpal.com/

Fiverr – Provides Best Sources for Legitimate Proofreading Jobs Online

Although Fiverr doesn’t have many high-paying proofreading jobs, it’s an excellent platform for novices to gain experience. To land proofreading jobs on Fiverr, you must first create an attractive profile. This will help you get noticed by the clients and bring you high-paying jobs.

Visit the website: https://www.fiverr.com/

Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services
Proofreading work

This platform has plenty of online proofreading jobs for both full time and part-time job seekers. The best thing about this platform is that it pays incredibly competitive rates. Depending on your experience, you can earn from $20 to $45 per hour. Plus, the hours are flexible, too.

Visit the website: https://www.proofreadingservices.com/

How to qualify for proofreading work?

To land proofreading work, you must pass the editing test. Almost every legitimate company that hires proofreaders has an editing test that the candidates must pass to qualify.

To do well on the test, you’ll need to have an excellent command of the English language. You can also take a practice test to check your skills.


Proofreading could be an excellent option for you if you are good at the English language and want to earn money from home. Whether you’re an expert writer or just starting your career, plenty of legitimate proofreading jobs online are available.

You may not be able to earn $50 or $100 per hour at start, but as you gradually build up your portfolio, it won’t take you long to get there.

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