Best Educational Websites for College Students

7 Useful Educational Websites for College Students

According to various studies, the average economy of online information doubled in various countries during the last three years. This is mainly because of the arrival of educational websites for college students, which target to make it convenient for every student to learn their favorite subjects online. Although these websites cover different domains, the majority of the platforms are about IT.

In this article, we will discuss various learning platforms to make the lives of college students more comfortable. So let’s get started!

Best Websites for College Students for Educational/Learning Purpose

Udemy  |

udemy - best educational websites for college students

Udemy is among the top educational websites for college students and professionals of different industries. It provides students with a variety of online paid and unpaid courses to help them learn new skills. There are more than 5,000 courses available on Udemy targeting more than 50 domains. 

When it comes to learning skills that pay high, the courses related to IT are the best!

What makes Udemy a reliable platform?

The reliability of Udemy can be verified by the fact that 80% of the fortune 100 companies approach Udemy to help upgrade their employees’ skills.

Coursera | | Best educational Website for Students


Initiated by two professors at Stanford University, Coursera is the best website for learning. The main idea behind this platform was to enable individuals to learn from the best professionals.

Various top universities and companies offer online courses on Coursera. The majority of subjects on this site are about social sciences, natural sciences, and IT, developed by the best institutions.

Are the courses free on Coursera?

The best thing about Coursera is that most of the courses are free. The only time you have to pay is when you want to get a digitally signed certificate from an institution.

The courses offered on Coursera are schedule-based. 

They give you a schedule, and you have to submit your assignments, take quizzes, or attempt other sessional activities to pass the course. Otherwise, you won’t be considered eligible for a certificate.

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Udacity |

top educational websites for college students

When it comes to learning IT skills, Udacity is among the best websites for learning. It offers different courses related to IT, Data Sciences, and Digital marketing.

Udacity is a top platform to learn industry-related skills. The site keeps a tight check on the content of all the courses to provide high-quality information. The majority of courses on the platform are about Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and Digital marketing.

Is Udacity expensive? If yes, why?

Yes, Udacity can be a little expensive sometimes. The high-quality courses on this are recognized by top tech companies like Amazon, IBM, At&t, and AWS. This recognition makes the platform more reliable in the eye of the students. That’s why courses are a bit expensive on Coursera.


linkedin - educational websites for college students

LinkedIn is a famous platform among professionals and companies. It makes the hiring process and accessibility to the required resources more convenient for both companies and job seekers. Besides, LinkedIn is an educational site for students where different professionals post their lectures. Other than students, professionals from various fields may also take related courses to improve their skills.

Is LinkedIn Worth the time for college students?

When discussing study websites for college students, LinkedIn is among the best! The platform has various courses to help students with their education.

Renaissance Learning|


Renaissance Learning is also among the useful websites for learning. The website is ideal for students of pre-KG to grade 12. From good reading habits to the education of the students, Renaissance Learning provides parents with the best solutions. It also provides career counseling to help students pick the right careers.

Where does renaissance learning work?

Renaissance learning started its services in the USA in 1984. As technology grew, they expanded their services to the UK, Canada, and Australia, too.

YouTube |


Among the free and useful educational websites for college students, YouTube is the best! Despite being a social platform, it has plenty of educational stuff for students in different fields. 

Since YouTube is easily accessible to everyone, people with particular skills make YouTube channels to sell their knowledge. These people earn money by displaying ads over their videos. However, first, they have to get their channels monetized by the website.

What is the best thing about learning from YouTube? 

The best thing about YouTube is that when the students can’t take their lectures at the university, they can find the same topics on YouTube to learn the same thing at home.

edX |


Like Coursera, edX is another top educational platform for universities, professors, and students. From technology to humanities, edX covers all fields with courses developed by world-class professors. 

The courses offered on edX offer weekly learning, and most of them have a duration of three to four months. The site uploads video lectures along with the relevant PDF manuals on a weekly basis. 

You have to take quizzes and complete the assignments to receive a certificate.

Is edX legit resource to learn online?

Massachusetts Institute of Information technology and Harvard University are the strategic founders of edX. So yes, it is a legit earn online resource to start leaning your favorite subjects.

Students are encouraged to use this best learning website to learn from the world’s top institutions.

Alison |


Alison is a learning website that offers courses and diplomas in various knowledge domains. There are more or less ten categories that Alison covers with its informative classes.

In addition, the site has several guidance courses to provide career counseling. Skill-based courses are also offered to train individuals who are less-skilled or have no skills at all.

According to a recent study, 11 million registered learners rank Alison among the useful educational websites for college students.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best websites for learning that you can access anytime to learn new skills. Sites like edX, Coursera, and YouTube are free, while Udemy, Udacity, and Alison come with both paid and unpaid courses.

So pick your preferred platform and start learning new skills today!

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