Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience in 2020

No one comes out of high school with job experience. Likewise, not everyone possesses equal resources and opportunities to start college. If you are also a student with no job experience or financial support, then you should start looking for easy jobs that pay well without experience. 

And in case you didn’t know which jobs to look for, this article will introduce you with some of the most straightforward options. So, go ahead and give it a solid read.

Best Easy Jobs that Pay Well with Little or No Experience

CSR – Suitable Job For Stay At Home Moms

Customer Care Representatives
Customer Care Representatives

Successful businesses take care of their customers to build a good reputation in the market. For this purpose, companies hire individuals with excellent communication skills, even if they have no job experience. After hiring, employers also train those individuals.

In this job, you usually listen to customer’s queries on the phone or email and provide the answers.

For people looking to earn money via simple jobs, customer care is an excellent option.

Average salary: $20K- 30k/year

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Real Estate Agent – Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a lucrative industry. But you must have excellent persuasion and influencing skills to successfully close deals. 

You can start this career on your own or by affiliating yourself with some real estate agency. This job is among the highly paid jobs without experience, as it helps you earn commissions on every sale along with your basic salary.

There are various entry-level jobs in the industry that can help you start your career.

According to salary.comthe salary of real estate agents can go from $49,862 to $64,923 per year.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

This job comes under different titles such as Assistant, Personal Assistant (PA), and Administrative Assistant. Various business executives hire personal assistants to arrange meetings, prepare presentations, and take care of their work-related stuff on daily bases.

Senior executive roles such as CEOs of big companies hire experienced persons for this job. However, the majority of companies accept students or high school degree holders for this job.

It is one of the easy jobs that pay well with no experience, but you must have excellent management skills to make your boss’ life easier. The easy jobs that pay well with less experience more experience you gain in this job, the more chances for you to grow in this field.

Average Salary: $44,950/year

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary assistants/ pet keepers are easy jobs that pay well without experience. As a veterinary assistant, you will be responsible for taking care of different pets. You just need to have quality food management and animal disease knowledge for various species of animals and birds to succeed in this career.

After a high school degree, you can get a three-month veterinary assistant certification to land this job easily. Taking the course will improve your pet management skills and also teach you about different vet medicines. After getting certified, you can find a veterinary assistant job with no practical experience in the field.

Average Salary: $ 34,400/year


Instead of looking for a fulltime job, you can also start your pet care business. People will contact you for your expert advice to keep their pets healthy. Veterinary expert/assistant is one of the most trending jobs in Australia and the USA.

Cable TV Installer

Cable TV Installer
Cable TV Installer

Cable TV and internet installer jobs are among the most frequently occurring opportunities in 2020. Due to the increasing popularity of the internet, the competition between different companies has become high. This competition has created more job opportunities for students and those looking to make extra money.

These jobs accept applications even from the candidates who have no previous job experience. Among the stress-free and easy jobs that pay good with no experience, the cable/internet installation operator is the most in-demand.

Average Salary: $35,800/year

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver

The taxi driver is an easy job that doesn’t need you to have experience. It only requires you to have a car and excellent driving skills.

The arrival of digital products like Uber and Lyft has made it convenient to drive a taxi through mobile apps. Uber claims that its affiliate taxi drivers earn up to $100 per hour by offering rides in Australia and the USA.

Average income: $35,699/year

Final Verdict

All these jobs are becoming more popular every year. Among the easy jobs that pay well without experience, you should choose one which suits your personality and area of interest. Before choosing any job, don’t forget to do a little job-hunt to sort the best opportunities. So, start looking for your ideal job today and take your income to the next level. You can explore Earn Online to learn about the proven ways to make extra money.

Best of luck!

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