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How To Land Proofreading Jobs From Home Successfully?

In this era of technology, proofreading is a useful job that can help you earn a handsome income. There are various online platforms that offer proofreading jobs from home. If you’re capable of doing this job, then finding these jobs will be very easy for you.

What does a proofreading job mean?

Proofreading is an art of picking grammatical errors and rewriting or rephrasing the content in a better sense. You can also be a proofreader if you have an excellent command of the English language. 

All the major national and international companies strive to communicate better with clients. For this reason, they try to hire high-quality proofreaders over different freelance platforms. In this article, we will highlight top freelance platforms that offer entry-level proofreading jobs from home.

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To sell your proofreading services on Fiverr, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Create a seller account
  • Choose subcategory of your services(proofreading)
  • Choose relevant skills like writing and editing
  • Create a compelling gig
  • Stat selling your proofreading services

While creating an account, Fiverr will ask you to select the category of your services. After choosing the category, you will need to create a compelling gig that can convince a buyer to acquire your proofreading services.

These are some tips for you to compete other proofreaders over Fiverr:

  • Visit the gigs created by other high profile proofreaders
  • Pick the best points from those gigs
  • Include them in your gigs

Most of the proofreading projects over Fiverr require you to have a strong portfolio. If you are a newbie and don’t have a portfolio of projects on Fiverr, you can include the previous proofreading jobs in your gig.

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Upwork is the most trusted and well-paying platform with long term buyers. When it comes to landing proofreading jobs from home on Upwork, you will have to prove your capability to the client.

These are the steps you need to follow to find freelance proofreading jobs on Upwork successfully:

  • Create a freelancer account
  • Write a catchy introduction for your profile
  • Select your category of work (proofreading & editing)
  • Send compelling proposals for different projects

How does Upwork operate?

Upwork’s style of operating is very simple compared to Fiverr. After creating an account, you won’t have to create any gigs, which is the complete opposite of Fiverr. Here, the projects will show automatically on your My Feed page. You can apply to the projects that best fit your skills. Being a proofreader, you will send proposals to the person who is willing to hire a resource for that project.

Tips for writing proposals:

  • Stay focused on the project
  • Explain precisely why should they hire you
  • Attach sample files or link of your portfolio

All these tips will help you get hired quickly. The My Feed section on Upwork keeps updating itself to show projects that match your skills. 

There are also entry-level proofreading jobs on Upwork to help beginners gain experience.

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It is one of the most suitable platforms to find proofreading jobs from home. Here, you can find a wide variety of jobs, but we’ll only focus on telling how to find proofreading jobs.

The website has a category named Proofreading and Editing. You need to explore this category to find the proofreading jobs that you’re capable of. Like Upwork, you need to apply for these jobs through a proposal.

Tips for writing proposals:

  • Be relevant to the project’s requirements
  • Focus on engaging content in your proposal
  • Attach samples of your previous work
  • End your proposal with caring greetings

Your proposal plays a vital role in landing a project on Peopleperhour. Even if you’re only applying on online proofreading jobs for beginners, a persuasive proposal can give you an edge over your competitors with more experience.

In addition to the platforms we just mentioned, you can also use other websites to land legitimate proofreading jobs online. Some of those sites include:


This section covers frequently asked questions about different aspects of proofreading jobs such as salary, job stability, etc.

proofreading jobs from home
Proofreading jobs from home

How much does a freelance proofreader earn?

According to the common cent club, the salaries of freelance proofreaders are calculated per hour. Typically, proofreaders earn up to 25-44 USD per hour by doing proofreading jobs from home.

Do you need a degree for proofreading jobs?

Proofreading jobs need you to be an expert in the English language. You must also have relevant experience in the field. Some office-based proofreading jobs require a bachelor’s degree to apply for the job, while the ones in the freelance market don’t need a degree.

Is proofreading expertise in demand?

According to Recruiter, proofreaders are in high demand and their demand is increasing by 4.25 every year in different businesses.

Market trends and average salaries of proofreaders

There is an overwhelming demand for proofreaders throughout the world as most of the small businesses need writing and proofreading services for professional documents to enable better B2C and B2B communications. 

Let’s take a look at the average salary trends of proofreaders in different countries.

What is the average salary of a proofreader in the UK?

According to Payscale, the average pay of proofreaders in the UK is 22,891 GBP per annum.

What is the average salary of a proofreader in the USA?

According to salary, the average salary that a proofreader earns in the USA is 52,011 USD per annum with 45,000 USD being the lower bound and 57,000 USD being the upper bound.

What is the average salary of a proofreader in Australia?

According to Payscale, the proofreaders in Australia earn 26$ per hour on average.

What is the average salary of a proofreader in Canada?

According to Payscale, the proofreaders in Canada make C$ 44,621 on average per annum.

Proofreading Jobs
Proofreading Jobs


If you look again, you’ll notice that all the countries mentioned above are English speaking. What we mean is that the majority of these jobs are for people who have an excellent command of the English language. 

In other countries like Germany, Italy, France, Greece; these jobs are only offered locally. Therefore, you should solely focus on improving your English skills to succeed in this industry.

Proofreading Jobs – Conclusion

We’ve tried to discuss all the relevant aspects of proofreading jobs from home properly in this article. After reading this, we hope that you and every other aspiring proofreader will be able to launch themselves in a better way in the market. In the end, we wish you the best of luck with the job hunt.

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